Stowmarket Secret Snack Stop

A 6.5 mile circular walk from Stowmarket to the surrounding area, with a secluded lunch stop in the middle of nowhere. Across the fields to Combs village in Suffolk.

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  1. Hello Don, We do enjoy your walks and wanders but there are times when you don’t get it quite right – which all adds to the viewing entertainment – thank you !

    In your latest Secret snack spot one you make great play that the bottom part of the concrete path up to Boyton isn’t a public footpath then walk two other “paths” that aren’t. Over the little bridge the footpath goes through the crop to the footpath the other side of the field which is why the locals walk that way. Turning left over the bridge along the field edge is not an official footpath nor is the rising track between fields up towards Combs – as the OS map clearly shows. I have walked about 500 miles around Combs so far this year – maybe one day I will bump into you. Cheers for now, Bill Baldry 12 Tannery Road, Combs


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