Pathways through Grief

‘Everyone’s grief journey is different – there is no road map.’

Don Egan has had his share of grief. He doesn’t claim to be unique in this, and he doesn’t claim to have all the answers. As he points out, if there was one way of working through grief and coming out the other side feeling fine, we’d all just do that, and there would be no problem.

This book is about finding pathways through grief.

Don shares how he came to a better understanding of the effects of loss. His experiences are not your experiences, but there are patterns to the process of coping; you may well recognise your own feelings reflected in this book.

The book also explores:

  • how our reaction to loss stems from significant childhood events
  • why ‘moving forward’ is more helpful than ‘moving on’
  • how the ‘5 stages of grief’ don’t actually exist
  • why acceptance does not mean that death and loss are OK
  • new perspectives to living with grief as a part of life

There are accounts of what can be helpful… and what, for Don, was very much not. And how it is eventually possible to understand and accept our grieving selves.

You will discover your own pathways. But sometimes we need steering towards paths we may never have discovered on our own. This book may do just that.

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Pilgrim’s Digress

Blank white book w/path

Don Egan was feeling restless and wanted to ponder the meaning of life. So he got in his car and drove over 2,700 miles around Britain for two weeks. He headed down to Land’s End and then meandered all the way up to John O’Groats and then back to Suffolk.

He met up with old friends, made new friends and thought about lost friends. He revisited places that seemed to have some spiritual significance, and sometimes found significance where he least expected it.

Like many of us, Don is bored by traffic jams, irritated by loud people and frustrated when there’s no Wifi. But he takes these everyday experiences, as well as the bigger challenges of life, and makes us think a little harder about them. He sees the spiritual in the everyday, while still keeping his feet firmly on the ground.

Heartwarming and humourous, poignant and unexpected, this story may inspire you on your own journey.

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