Haughley Soldier Silhouettes

A short wander around Haughley to look at a powerful memorial that has appeared on the green.

“The Haughley Soldier Silhouettes” Designed by Kieron Palmer to mark the “Season of Remembrance” in the 150th year of Palmers Bakery.

He has erected on the Village Green of Haughley, a display in tribute to the forty-one souls of Haughley who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the giving of their lives for this Nation, the Crown and our Freedom.

Inspired this spring by the daffodils standing amongst the grass and dew of the Village Green one morning, forty one soldier silhouettes – each one representing and remembering a fallen “Haughley lad” – has been arranged in a display for a number of weeks in honour of these brave souls with their gathering representing the sheer loss of human life.

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