Stowmarket history walk

This video is about a short history walk near where I live, in Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK.

I discovered an old milestone from the 1700s and find out about one that’s missing, and another two that still exist.

Then I walked through some fields to find the old Workhouse building, built in 1778. It took in those who were poor and destitute – single mothers, widows, children, elderly people, and those with mental and physical disabilities.

However, the regime became harsh and brutal. Families were separated completely. Children taken from their parents. The adults were allowed to see their child for one hour each week at most, at the discretion of the staff.

They were required to work hard for long hours with little respite.

A short walk away is an area where the paupers graves have been discovered. Inmates who died, many from smallpox, were sewn into their sheets and placed in a shallow grave, marked only with a wooden cross with a metal number to identify the occupant of the grave.


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  1. I thought I had walked every inch of Stowmarket but , obivioisly, I have not. All in this presentation is new to me. So when I next return I have a new walk ahead. Thank you for these shows.

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