Wicken Fen

On Sunday we drove out to Cambridgeshire for a walk round Wicken Fen.

Wicken Fen, one of Europe’s most important wetlands, supports an abundance of wildlife. There are more than 9000 species, including a spectacular array of plants, birds and dragonflies.

The raised boardwalk and lush grass droves allow easy access to a lost landscape of flowering meadows, sedge and reedbeds, where you can encounter rarities such as hen harriers, water voles and bitterns.

Wicken Fen is owned and managed by the National Trust and as we are members, parking and entrance are free for us.

It was a grey wet day and some of the paths were closed to allow some of the plants to regrow after the winter.

Join us in the video as we get lost and then find an alternate route before heading inside the cafe for a hot sausage bagette.


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