Jelly Baby in the New Forest, Hampshire!

We ‘accidently’ did a 15 mile walk in the New Forest. By accidently, I mean we chose a 7+ mile walk that started 3 miles away from our campsite. We average 3 to 5 mile walks usually, so we weren’t sure if we’d do this. It was a linear walk too, so we thought maybe we’d do a bit of it and then turn back. But then Mrs E had the idea of pressing though to the end and getting the train back..

… but we forgot we still had a 3 mile walk back to the campsite from the station! I know that doesn’t quite add up, but we got off track a coulpe of times too!

I couldn’t hardly walk the next day!

The walk is explained in the video but we camped at Black Knowl Campsite, a couple of miles from Brockenhurst. The walk we chose was the Buckland Rings from the New Forest Walking app. It goes from Brockenhurst to Lymington.




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